Alabama Public Television Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t the sound match the APT program I am watching?

The problem you are probably experiencing is that your TV has been set to the "SAP" audio mode. SAP stands for Secondary Audio Program, and is a second audio channel that can be used for second language programming, or Descriptive Video Service to help visually impaired viewers. We are the only station in the area that originates this signal, and that is why you are getting normal audio on the other stations, as your TV will automatically select program audio if there is no SAP signal present. In your TV setup menu, under "Audio," you can select "SAP" to turn it off. If there is a SAP button on your TV remote, simply press that button to turn it off. Your TV audio should then be normal. For details on how to configure your TV, you may need to consult your owner's manual.

have purchased my DTV converter and hooked it up. I've scanned for channels, but still cannot get APT. What should I do?

Unplug & Re-Scan! Many digital-ready viewers of WBIQ in Birmingham and WCIQ at Mt. Cheaha lost reception on February 18 because these digital transmitters moved to new frequencies and digital converter boxes and televisions are locked on the old frequencies. Simply re-scanning for channels doesn’t always work. If you lost channel 10 or 7, unplug your TV or converter box for 5 to 10 minutes and then power up and re-scan.

I've tried to manually input the UHF channel, but I am still not getting APT with my converter box. What's up with that?

Digital signals are directional, so make certain your inside antenna points in the direction of the transmitter that serves your area. Then rescan for channels. Try positioning the antenna in various directions if you are not certain. Attempt to manually input the UHF channel again, if necessary.

I have tried scanning for channels, tried manually inputting the UHF channel and tried repositioning my antenna. Yet I still have not signal. What do you recommend?

Depending on your location, it may be necessary to use an outside, directional antenna to receive the signal. An outside antenna will need to be at least 30 feet off the ground and pointed in the direction of the transmitter.

live close to the transmitter and cannot get APT's signal. Help?

Being too close to the transmitter can present a problem. Try pulling the antenna inward, rather than outward. In other words, try utilizing a "rabbit ear"-style antenna. If you have further problems with your conversion to digital television, call APT's Donna Baker at 800-239-5233, extension 145 for more advice.